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There are 6 Strands in the PE Curriculum Athletics, Aquatics, Games, Gymnastics, Dance, Outdoor & Adventure

Our school ensures that all children are timetabled for 60 minutes of Physical Education every week. A broad and balanced PE Curriculum is delivered, at all class levels by the classroom teacher.

Congratulations to Alana Foudy, Ava Kearney, Thomas O'Halloran and Sean Hehir for being nominated to represent Cloonanaha NS Active School Committee.


Congratulations also to Liam Rynne, Abaigeal O'Leary, Ava Kearney, Chloe Talty, Colm Talty and Martin Dillon who are our Playground Leaders.


Both the committee and the Playground Leaders work together to ensure all children are being active throughout the day.

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